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  • Valentia Core Rulebook - Beta

    Version: 2016.05.08b • Updated May 8, 2016

    This update includes a review of all spells of tiers 1 to 5 in Enchantment, Summoning, Telekinesis, and Telepathy. Many spells have been tweaked and there are several new ones. Generic rules for telekinesis have been moved into the spell itself. To make telekinesis more fighter-friendly, related perks have been moved to Half-elf and Acrobat. Other perks had to be moved to make room for them, so there is also some minor perk shuffling in Gnome, Craftsman, Mountaineer, Engineer, and Thief. HP Boost perk now provides HP equal to half of the character's CON. Several other rules have been clarified, including shield damage, improvised weapons, Poetry & Storytelling's effects on fame, creatures changing size, defensive checks, movement, encumbrance, common combat actions, crushing damage, dragging weights, sleep, and steps of firing a bow.

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  • Standard Character Sheet

    Version: 2016-03-28 • Updated March 28, 2016
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