Valentia Role-playing System Overview

You Are What You Know

Valentia doesn't pigeonhole you into a character class. 145 skills across 40 disciplines can be combined in any way you like.

Skills, Disciplines and Character Points

Character creation starts with five free disciplines and a pool of Character Points (CP). Characters choose their favorite disciplines from the 40 available. Disciplines include Weaponmaster, Wizard, Martial Artist, Thief, Thespian, Priest, Artificer, Linguist, Assassin, Mentalist, Merchant, and more. If five disciplines isn't enough, you can spend some of your CP to buy more.

Each discipline has five skills, many of which they share. CP are spent to increase your skills, which in turn increase the level of their discipline. Every discipline can have a different level – you may be a very talented Ranger, but only dabble in Sage. Putting points into a skill that is shared between two disciplines increases the level of both.

Being Awesome Has Its Perks

Leveling up gives characters their choice of over 500 perks. These include buffs, combat tricks, skill upgrades, and more.

Power-up With Perks

As disciplines increase in levels, the character gets to choose perks. Perks provide a wide range of abilities, from attribute boosts, health points and combat maneuvers to skill bonuses and magical powers. Most characters will start with 8 to 10 perks and gain another one every other session or so.

Perks are designed to be combined with skills to create powerful theme-based characters. For example characters might focus on disarming opponents, sniping enemies from hiding, or inspiring allies with song. Perks, skills, and disciplines allow you to create totally unique characters – ones that are defined by what they can do rather than the magic items they carry.

Elves, Fey & Half-Giants, Oh My!

Each of Valentia's seven player races – from the tiny, flying fey to the hulking half-giant – has its own special abilities and racial perks.

Player Character Races

Humans, Elves, Half-elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Half-giants, and Fey – these are the seven player character races of Valentia. When you pick your character's race, you gain access to a range of abilities that boost your skills.

While character races in Valentia have themes, they are not bound solely by stereotypes. Any race can use any discipline and all are talented in magic. Sizes differences, from the tiny fey to the large half-giant, have a major influence on combat tactics. Small characters are quick, but big ones can deliver massive damage.

Master Magic... Or Just Dabble In It

With 400 spells organized in 16 paths, characters can dedicate their lives to studying magic or just splash in a spell or two.

Spellcasting & Magic

Fire, illusion, telepathy, lifeforce, summoning, space-time and ten other paths form the magic of Valentia. Wizards, priests, and mentalists specialize in one or more paths, gaining more powerful spells as they invest more character points. Characters who don't want to invest heavily in spellcasting can pick up perks that allow them to cast individual spells. Characters can even focus solely on casting spells from scrolls.

Characters can choose any spell from their arsenal at the time of casting. Spells are powered by Essence Points (EP), the magical energy found in everybody. EP regenerates automatically over time. It can also be used to fuel magical perks that provide super-human-like powers.

Stack Your Odds With Every Roll

A pool of action dice fuels attacks and reactions in combat. Do you go all in on one action or save some for defense?

Action Dice & Combat Timing

Each round of combat consists of 10 phases. Actions are continuous from phase to phase – characters can start a new one as soon as the previous completes. Characters are free to pack as many actions as they can into a round. Most actions require at least one 20-sided Action Dice (AD).

Characters usually have at least 5 AD, and some have 10 or more. When you perform an action, you can roll any number of your remaining AD and pick the best roll. This is called "overloading," and it puts you in complete control of your odds. Need that attack to succeed? Toss in a handful of AD. Be careful, though... AD do not reset until the end of the round. Without AD for defense, you're a sitting duck.

Combat That Turns On Tactics

Combat in Valentia is both engaging and dangerous. Victory comes more often by tactics than the luck of the roll or the amount of health points.

Combat Tricks & Tactics

Valentia's combat skills and perks are designed to produce battle that is moving, dynamic, and bloody. Characters can make snap-decisions on a phase-by-phase basis and shift their strategy at-will. The difference between a great triumph and a crushing defeat can turn on tactics alone. Victory is never guaranteed – no one is invincible.

Combat tricks allow characters to overlay attacks, reactions, spells, and special maneuvers in amazing ways. After you see the result of your roll, you have a chance to piggyback extra effects on it. In addition to damage, the attack may knockdown the defender, push them backwards, break their armor, momentarily startle them, or cause a wound that continues bleeding.

Good & Evil Isn't Always Black & White

Play a paladin with a temper or a thief that doesn't kill – Valentia leaves room for subtlety in morality.


Morality in Valentia is based on six virtues: compassion, generosity, honesty, loyalty, modesty, and stability. Each virtue is determined individually, making good and evil less black and white. For example, a character can be both greedy and honest or violent and loyal. With more shades of gray, characters feel more real and have the space to develop complex personalities.

Word of characters with provocative personalities and high discipline levels spreads quickly across the realms. As characters achieve great deeds, their fame grows even more. Being famous can provide both followers and rivals.

Cash In On Experience After Every Game

Experience rewards come in the form of character points. Spend them after every gaming session to level up your abilities.

Character Point Rewards

As characters adventure, they gain experience. That experience is reflected in Character Point (CP) rewards at the end of every gaming session. Those CP can be spent to boost skills or buy new ones. Characters are always free expand into unknown disciplines to take their studies in a new direction.

In Valentia, experience is not limited to killing enemies. Problem solving and role-playing is equally important, and players have input on which of their actions deserve recognition. Players note their characters' accomplishments on experience sheets. The GM factors these notes together with the session's activities to determine the CP rewards for each character.